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We got your 411 on the Dawgs! Old Dawg is manning the bunker and I am in Zika infested south florida...but we are still covering everything for you. We hear about Eason, Holyfield and we check in with Isaiah's dad...

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Ohhh, baby! It's that time of year again! 27 days until toe meets leather in the Georgia Dome. Saturday Night! We cover the scant summer news (thankful) and the first week of camp. It's Smart's first camp and he means business. Let's do this!!

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WOW! What a day! #93KDAY was amazing in a lot of ways. The crowd, the coaches, the players, the performances on the field...It was a refreshing departure from the past. And Georgia Won!!

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And......we're back. Just can't kill us. Back in the bunker after day 7 of Spring Practice! It was Police Appreciation Day at practice...Can't even make this stuff up. Me and Johnny Sanders cover everything you need to know to get ready for G day.

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DawgCast #407

So, in a compromised recruiting cycle...Smart still gets his and inks a top ten class. With 3 five star players, besting CMR's best efforts. I like it. Old Dawg is glum...shocker. Let's break it down on DawgCast #407 brought to you by Dawg Sports Radio

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DawgCast #406

With National Signing Day coming up, we take a moment to look back at the class of 2012. To temper expectations and keep everyone from freaking out...let's look back at superstars like Ty Smith!

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DawgCast#405 TaxSlayer Bowl!!

In a bowl game that almost no one cares about at all... we still wanna win. Coaches dont really care, players might not care. Fans almost certainly dont care...but they all wanna win. They wanna look good to future employers and future coaches in this level and the next level. Whats it gonna take for the Dawgs to do it?!

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Our first Kirby Smart show...and boy, the excitement is in the air. The bunker is rocking!

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The End of an Era. Mark Richt is gone. An we are looking for something new

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Here it is the big triple combo show you've all been breathlessly waiting for!! Your GSU Post Game and your GT pre game and some coaching talk...3 defined segments. Stop listening before segment 3 if youre a CMR fan. Hope you guys have a great holiday! 

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